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Head - Department of BBA

Mohammad Nazrul Islam

Director, BBA Program
Associate Professor, School of Business

Message From the Head

Welcome to the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Program, School of Business, at Primeasia University. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program offers a four-year BBA degree at the undergraduate level which empowers the undergraduates to excel in both theoretical knowledge as well as real life applications of Business and competitive business world. This program extends for 12 semesters and comprises a total of 124 credits, with a view to producing highly skilled and talented graduates in technological advanced business world. Under the BBA program a student needs to complete a total of 40 courses equivalent to 120 credit hours and an internship 4 credit hours to complete the BBA degree. The program consists of a wide array of major subjects: Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Bank Management, HRM, and Operation Management (a multidisciplinary degree program suitable for candidates with Business, Arts or Science background).

The BBA Program gives priority to the development of soft skills of the undergraduates such as teamwork, communication skills and leadership qualities by offering skill development program such as workshop and seminar, whilst giving special attention to the improvement of English language communication skills. A modern computer lab facility helps students to get practical knowledge about computer application. As a whole this program is designed in such a way that undergraduates will be able to acquire skills and competencies required by the competitive job market in our country and outside world. In the present day, due to toughness of global competition, the pursuit of excellence in performing the tasks is prevalent in businesses and accordingly management, coordination, communication, creativity, use of technology, agility, and sustainability have become essential. Successful businesses benefit heavily from the latest technological developments, actively use decision support tools, adopt contemporary managerial practices and emphasize continuous improvement. In this direction, our aim in Primeasia University, BBA program is to teach basics of Business, to discuss current topics and to present latest business applications. Meanwhile, we will frequently stress on the importance of developing communication and critical thinking skills, and keeping abreast of recent technological developments.

Upon graduation, students will be able to find jobs at domestic as well as multinational corporations, manufacturing or services firms, banks, consulting and auditing agencies, financial institutions, and in the public sector as experts, researchers, inspectors, and managers. Interactive discussions, case studies, presentations, workshop and presentation practices that students will make during their education will prepare them for the business world and will position them ahead of the other candidates. Furthermore, I invite you to visit our University’s webpage and our campus to further discover our educational philosophy, learn more about our program, and meet our distinguished faculties.